We provide everything from first steps of a production all the way until the post production.

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We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.

We have over 20 years experience from field, from the southern most point of Finland all the way up to the northernmost edge of Europe in Lapland.

We work everywhere in the Arctic Region (Norway, Sweden and Russia) and we also have partners in Baltic region.

We work closely with the top film professionals and rental companies nationwide, and we will provide what's best for your production in Finland. Our experience covers location scouting, insurance, access to local talent and crew, equipment rental, accommodation, location permits, translators, visa coordination, transportation, and all the other production services.

Arctic Film Services

Our projects

Our range of production experience covers everything from feature length films, international television series, major international documentaries as well as commercial content. We have worked on all genres of media from traveling shows with a crew of five to a fiction feature film with a crew of over a hundred people involved, and budgets ranging from four thousand euros to over four million euros. No matter how big or small the production, we have you covered across Finland.

Cash rebate

In Finland you are eligible for 25% cash rebate for all the production costs in Finland. You do not have to worry about the paper work – we'll take care of it for you and will guide you through it.

Our Service
Our team in Finland has worked with crews from Poland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, USA, UK, China, South Africa, Kenya and beyond. Recently we have worked with brands such as the BBC, Netflix, HBO, CCTV China, Channel 4 as well as numerous other production companies from around the world. We can provide global skills at a local level.
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